Scope of the Symposium

IAU Symposium 243

Star-disk interaction in young stars

Grenoble, 21-25 May, 2007

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Rationale : Disk accretion and jet outflows are intimately associated with the formation of stars and planets. One central issue raised by recent observational studies is the origin of the physical connection between accretion and wind/jet processes. It has become clear that the physical connection takes place within 1 AU of the central star, in a region where the interaction between the star and the inner disk is still poorly understood. The conference is intended to review the observational constraints available on the physical processes thought to be at work at the star-disk interface, to confront the predictions of the latest numerical and analytical MHD models of star-disk-jet systems with observations, and to explore the consequences of these processes for stellar angular momentum evolution and inner disk structure.

Objectives : The aim of the conference is to gather astronomers from around the world to critically review the MHD processes which are thought to take place within 1 AU of young stellar objects. It will focus on the structure and variability of the inner magnetized disk, the magnetospheric cavity, and the jet launching region. Understanding the structure and evolution of the star-disk interaction region in young stars is critical to our understanding of the star and planetary system formation process.

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