Program schedule (+pdf’s)

Monday, May 21

8h00-12h00 : Registration

10h30-10h40 : Welcoming address (J.Bouvier) (pdf)

Introduction : Setting the stage

(Chair: I. Appenzeller)

-  10h40-11h20 The accretion disk paradigm for young stars (C.Bertout) (pdf)
-  11h20-12h00 From boundary layers to magnetospheric accretion (G. Basri) (pdf)

12h00-14h00 Lunch break

Session I : Magnetic Fields in Young Stars

(Chair : S. Aigrain)

-  14h00-14h40 What can X-rays tell us about magnetic fields, accretion and mass loss in young stars ? (T. Montmerle) (pdf)
-  14h40-15h20 Measurement of magnetic field in young stars (C. Johns-Krull) (pdf)
-  15h20-15h40 Magnetism, rotation and accretion in Herbig Ae-Be stars (E. Alecian) (pdf)

15h40-16h40 Coffe Break and Poster Session

-  16h40-17h20 Magnetic field at the inner disk edge (M. Jardine)(pdf)
-  17h20-17h40 Submillimetre Polarimetric Observations of Magnetic Fields in Star Forming Regions (R. Curran)(pdf)
-  17h40-18h00 Resistive MHD Evolution of Protostars (S.-I. Inutsuka)(pdf)

Tuesday, May 22

Session II : Signatures of magnetospheric accretion and inner disk truncation

(Chair : O. Regev)

-  9h00-9h40 Time variable funnel flows (S. Alencar) (pdf)
-  9h40-10h20 Radiative transfer in funnel flows (T. Harries) (pdf)
-  10h20-10h40 Measuring the Physical Conditions of Accreting Gas in T Tauri Systems (J. Bary) (pdf)

10h40-11h00 Coffe Break

-  11h00-11h40 Observations of accretion shocks in young stars (D. Ardila) (pdf)
-  11h40-12h00 On the origin of continuum and line emission in CTTSs (S. Lamzin) (pdf)

12h00-14h00 Lunch break

(Chair : B. Stelzer)

-  14h00-14h40 Inner disk regions revealed by infrared interferometry (F. Malbet) (pdf)
-  14h40-15h20 Gas in the Inner Disk Region (J. Carr) (pdf)
-  15h20-15h40 Observational constraints for models of disk photoevaporation (G. Herczeg) (pdf)

15h40-16h40 Coffe Break and Poster Session

-  16h40-17h00 Accretion and Outflow-Related X-Rays in T Tauri Stars (M. Guedel) (pdf)
-  17h00-17h20 Why are accreting T Tauri stars less luminous in X-rays than non-accretors? (S. Gregory) (pdf)

Wednesday, May 23

Session III : Magnetospheric ejection

(Chair : J. Schmitt)

-  9h00-9h40 Signatures of the inner wind (S. Edwards) (pdf)
-  9h40-10h20 Observational Clues to the Origin of Jets (T. Ray) (pdf)
-  10h20-10h40 The role of thermal pressure in jet launching (N. Soker) (pdf)

10h40-11h00 Coffe Break, Conference participants picture

-  11h00-11h40 The accretion-ejection connexion and jet launching mechanism(s) in young stars (S. Cabrit) (pdf)
-  11h40-12h00 The structure accompanying young star formation (V. Demichev) (pdf)
-  12h00-12h20 V1647 Ori’s Last Gasp: A Brief Post-Outburst Warm, Molecular Wind (S. Brittain) (pdf)

Free afternoon, excursions

Thursday, May 24

Session IV : Star-disk magnetospheric coupling

(Chair : L. Rebull)

-  9h00-9h40 Stellar angular momentum evolution : observations (J. Bouvier) (pdf)
-  9h40-10h00 The Rotation of Very-Low Mass Stars and Brown Dwarfs (J. Eisloffel) (pdf)
-  10h00-10h40 Magnetization, Accretion, and Outflows in YSOs (F.Shu) (pdf)

10h40-11h00 Coffe Break

-  11h00-11h40 Numerical simulations of the star-disk magnetosphere (C.Fendt) (pdf)
-  11h40-12h20 MHD simulations of the star-disk interaction (M. Romanova) (pdf)

12h20-14h20 Lunch break

(Chair : J.-L. Monin)

-  14h20-14h40 MHD Instabilities at the Disk-Magnetosphere Boundary: 3D Simulations (A. Kulkarni) (pdf)
-  14h40-15h00 The Role of Stellar Winds in the Star-Disk Interaction (S. Matt) (pdf)
-  15h00-15h20 Large scale magnetic fields in discs: Jets and Reconnexion X-winds (J. Ferreira) (pdf)

15h20-16h00 Coffe Break and Poster Session

-  16h00-18h00 Panel discussion

19h00 Conference Dinner

Friday, May 25

Session V : Varying the boundary conditions

(Chair : J. Stauffer)

-  Multiple systems
-  9h00-9h30 The Impact of Close Stellar Companions on Inner Disks (R. Mathieu) (pdf)
-  9h30-10h00 Insights on Funnel Accretion and the Disc-Magnetosphere Interaction from Magnetic Cataclysmic Variables (C. Hellier) (pdf)
-  Exploring the mass and accretion range
-  10h00-10h30 Star-disk interaction in young intermediate-mass stars (A. Natta) (pdf)

10h30-11h00 Coffe Break

-  11h00-11h20 The inner gaseous accretion disk around an Herbig Be star revealed by NIR/MIR spectro-interferometry (S. Kraus) (pdf)
-  11h20-11h50 Star-disk interaction in young brown dwarfs (S. Mohanty) (pdf)
-  11h50-12h10 Jets from Brown Dwarfs (E. Whelan)

12h10-14h10 Lunch break

(Chair : G. Micela)

-  Planets at the inner disk edge
-  14h10-14h40 Halting planetary migration at the star-disk interface (C. Terquem) (pdf)
-  14h40-15h10 The orbital properties of inner exoplanets (F. Pont) (pdf)

15h10-15h30 Summary and Concluding Remarks (I. Appenzeller) (pdf)