On-line Proceedings

Introduction : Setting the stage

-  The accretion disk paradigm for young stars (C.Bertout)
-  T Tauri stars: from mystery to magnetospheric accretion (G. Basri)

Session I : Magnetic Fields in Young Stars

-   What can X-rays tell us about accretion, mass loss and magnetic fields in young stars ? (T. Montmerle)
-  Measurements of magnetic fields on T Tauri stars (C. Johns-Krull)
-   Magnetism, rotation and accretion in Herbig Ae-Be stars (E. Alecian)

-  Magnetic field at the inner disk edge (M. Jardine)
-  Submillimetre polarimetric observations of magnetic fields in star forming regions (R. Curran)
-  Resistive MHD evolution of protostars (S.-I. Inutsuka)

Session II : Signatures of magnetospheric accretion and inner disk truncation

-  Time variable funnel flows (S. Alencar)
-  Radiative-transfer modelling of funnel flows (T. Harries)
-  Measuring the physical conditions of accreting gas in T Tauri systems (J. Bary)

-  Observations of accretion shocks (D. Ardila)
-  On the origin of continuum and line emission in CTTSs (S. Lamzin)

-  Inner disk regions revealed by infrared interferometry (F. Malbet)
-  Gas at the inner disk edge (J. Carr)
-  Observational constraints on disk photoevaporation by the central star (G. Herczeg)

-  Accretion and outflow-related X-rays in T Tauri stars (M. Guedel)
-  Why are accreting T Tauri stars less luminous in X-rays than non-accretors? (S. Gregory)

Session III : Magnetospheric ejection

-  Spectroscopic diagnostics of T Tauri inner winds (S. Edwards)
-  The generation of jets from young stars: an observational perspective (T. Ray)
-  The role of thermal pressure in jet launching (N. Soker)

-  The accretion-ejection connexion in T Tauri stars: jet models vs. observations (S. Cabrit)
-  The structure accompanying young star formation (V. Demichev)
-  Last gasp of V1647 Ori: a brief post-outburst warm, molecular wind (S. Brittain)

Session IV : Star-disk magnetospheric coupling

-  The rotational evolution of young low mass stars (J. Bouvier)
-   The rotation of very-low mass stars and brown dwarfs (J. Eisloffel)
-  Magnetization, accretion, and outflows in young stellar objects (F.Shu)

-  MHD simulations of star-disk magnetospheres and the formation of outflows and jets (C.Fendt)
-  MHD simulations of disk-star interaction (M. Romanova)

-  MHD instabilities at the disk-magnetosphere boundary: 3D simulations (A. Kulkarni)
-  The nature of stellar winds in the star-disk interaction (S. Matt)
-  Large scale magnetic fields in disks: jets and reconnexion X-winds (J. Ferreira)

Session V : Varying the boundary conditions

-  Multiple systems
-  The implications of close binary stars for star-disk interaction (R. Mathieu)
-  Disc-magnetosphere interactions in cataclysmic variable stars (C. Hellier)
-  Exploring the mass and accretion range
-  Star-disk interaction in young intermediate-mass stars (A. Natta)

-  The inner gaseous accretion disk around a Herbig Be star revealed by near- and mid-infrared spectro-interferometry (S. Kraus)
-  Star-disk interaction in young brown dwarfs: implications for substellar formation (S. Mohanty)
-  Outflow activity in young brown dwarfs (E. Whelan)

-  Planets at the inner disk edge
-  Halting planetary migration at the star-disk interface (C. Terquem)
-  The orbital properties of inner exoplanets (F. Pont)

Summary and Concluding Remarks (I. Appenzeller)